Welcome to Dakar

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is a cosmopolitan city that stretches across the Cape Verde peninsula. Ideally located it has several tourist attractions, such as its beaches lined with restaurants offering excellent fruit dishes (La Pointe des Almadies, Chez Fatou...), its immense monuments, its lively markets (HLM, Kermel...) and the famous Lac Rose.  Around the city are three magnificent islands (Goree Island, Madeleine Island and Ngor Island), perfect to escape the city's turmoil.

The Théodore Monod Museum, which is one of the city's heritage sites, clearly expresses Senegal's cultural and craft diversity. In addition to this heritage, there is the Mamelles lighthouse and the Great Massalikoul Djinane Mosque, which is the largest Islamic building in West Africa.

Dakar is also renowned for its cultural mix and the hospitality of its inhabitants who are always willing to share their local experiences.

Tours & Things to do in Dakar

Top attractions in Dakar

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