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50 Attractions in Dakar, Senegal

Monument De La Renaissance Africaine Dakar

Monument De La Renaissance Africaine

Dominating Dakar, the African Renaissance Monument, standing at 52 meters in copper, portrays a muscular man emerging from the Mamelles hills. Bare-chested, carrying a child in one...

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Phare Des Mamelles Dakar

Phare Des Mamelles

Discover the emblematic charm of the Phare des Mamelles in Dakar precisely in Senegal. Offering panoramic and spectacular views, this must-see attraction embodies the essence of th...

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Le Desert De Lompoul Dakar

Le Desert De Lompoul

The Lompoul Desert, located halfway between Saint-Louis and Dakar, contains sand dunes 50 meters high, making this space one of the most beautiful dune deserts of all Senegal. The...

Magic Land Dakar

Magic Land

Magic Land does not go unnoticed on the Corniche road. Facing Soumbédioune, colors, rides, ghost train and water games will delight young and old. Welcome to the only amusement par...

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Le Desert De Lompoul Dakar

Le Desert De Lompoul

The Lompoul desert has everything to surprise. Located between Dakar and Saint Louis, this small desert hides behind its modest dimensions a haven of peace, it is at sunset that th...

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Maison Des Esclaves Dakar

Maison Des Esclaves

First UNESCO World Heritage Site in Africa. Built around 1776, the House of Slaves is a striking red house overlooking the port of Dakar on the Atlantic Ocean and shares the histor...


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Parc Zoologique De Hann Dakar

Parc Zoologique De Hann

The Hann Forest and Zoological Park is a nature reserve in Senegal located in Dakar, in the district municipality of Hann Bel-Air. The park was created in 1903 by Governor Martial...

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Lac Rose Dakar

Lac Rose

Looking for an activity to do around Dakar? The pink lake or lake retba is an ideal excursion to spend an exotic day when you are visiting Senegal. Do not be disappointed if the la...


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Delta Du Sine Saloum Dakar

Delta Du Sine Saloum

A maze of islets, canals and arms of rivers, the Sine-Saloum will certainly surprise the traveler with the beauty of its landscapes: at the confluence of the Sine and Saloum rivers...

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Galerie Nationale D'art Dakar

Galerie Nationale D'art

Cathédrale De Dakar Dakar

Cathédrale De Dakar

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Cathedral, or Cathedral of African Remembrance, is the largest church in Dakar and the seat of the archdiocese. It is located on the boulevard de la Républ...

Musée Des Civilisations Noires Dakar

Musée Des Civilisations Noires

The Museum of Black Civilizations (MCN) is a public industrial and commercial establishment. The structure of the MCN evokes a small round hut very common in Africa, but here of 14...

Central Park Dakar

Central Park

Ile De Gorée Dakar

Ile De Gorée

A unique place, this small island of Senegal has a crazy charm with its pastel houses, its restaurants, but this refuge of relaxation with its "House of slaves" reminds us of Gorée...

Marché Kermel Dakar

Marché Kermel

 Located in the city center this market is classified as a historic monument because of its unusual architecture. Fruits and vegetables, meat and fish.  This is one of the most po...

Marché Hlm Dakar

Marché Hlm

 The particularity of the HLM market is the fabric. You will find everything so that the wax, batik, woven loincloth, bazin or embroidered fabric. In Senegal, dressing is an art an...

Les Petites Pierres Dakar

Les Petites Pierres

Maison De La Culture Douta Seck Dakar

Maison De La Culture Douta Seck

Musée De La Femme Henriette Bathily Dakar

Musée De La Femme Henriette Bathily

Théâtre National Daniel Sorano Dakar

Théâtre National Daniel Sorano

This is the national stage of Senegal. It was inaugurated on July 17, 1965 by President Léopold Sédar Senghor and has a capacity of around 1,000 people.

Grand Théâtre De Dakar Dakar

Grand Théâtre De Dakar

Inaugurated in April 2011 by former President Abdoulaye Wade, the Grand Théâtre National has a capacity of 1800 seats. It has six floors, 206 rooms, including dressing rooms, rehea...

Cathédrale Du Souvenir Africain Dakar

Cathédrale Du Souvenir Africain

Galerie Antenna Dakar

Galerie Antenna

Galerie Arte Dakar

Galerie Arte

Galerie Le Manège Dakar

Galerie Le Manège

Galerie Nyama Dakar

Galerie Nyama

Goethe Institut Dakar

Goethe Institut

Grande Mosquée Dakar

Grande Mosquée

Le Village Des Arts Dakar

Le Village Des Arts