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Located on the West African coast in the Gulf of Guinea, Senegal is one of the most attractive destinations in this region. This country, contrasted by its vegetation, has a rich colonial architectural heritage in Saint-Louis, and a vast cultural and natural heritage.

Dakar, its capital, offers you various attractions such as THE Theodore Monod Museum of African Art, the impressive monument of the African Renaissance, and a few kilometers away the Pink Lake. The beaches that stretch along the city give it a special character, an atmosphere of lightness. Senegal is also home to emblematic islands such as N'Gor, the Madeleine Island and the famous Gorée Island, which attracts many tourists for its history.

Outside the capital, from the baobab forest to the Bandia reserve, the Lompoul desert or the Niokkolo Koba reserve, Senegal is also one of the African countries to benefit from a beautiful ecotourism diversity.

Tours & Things to do in Senegal

Top attractions in Senegal

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