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Located on the West African coast, in the Gulf of Guinea, Senegal is a crossroads of civilizations, Tripinafrica takes you to the land of Wolofs, Madingues, and Toucouleurs ...

The country of "Teranga", contrasted by its vegetation and endowed with a rich colonial architectural heritage, abounds in exotic and unique sites.

From the Sahelian savannah in the North, to the preserved Casamance delta in the South, Senegal is a country of great natural wealth. Its capital, its national parks, like that of Djoudj, north of Saint-Louis, world famous for its ornithological diversity, its beaches and picturesque islands will charm the traveler in search of discoveries and encounters, in a country where hospitality is the key word.

Discover Senegal and take the time to discover the country to the rhythm of its music and its people. Tripinafrica took care of finding the best guides in the country.

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