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Casamance is a region located in the southwest of Senegal, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Kuluntu River to the east. This 20,000 km² region offers varied landscapes, with lands irrigated by rivers and streams, green rice fields, bolongs, mangroves, and palm trees.

Casamance is a breadbasket for Senegal, with average temperatures of 30°C, softened by the Atlantic winds. The region is ideal for travelers seeking authenticity, nature, and beautiful beaches, away from tourists.

Ziguinchor, the regional capital, is a must-see stop with its charm and tranquility on the riverbank. The region is also famous for its villages, such as Mlomp, Kumpo, or Oussouye, which house animist communities and preserve their traditions and culture.

Carabane Island, the region's first capital, is also a destination not to be missed, with its mango trees, papayas, bougainvilleas, and prickly pears, which offer magnificent shades to the island.

Tourists can reach Casamance by plane or by road, crossing through The Gambia. Casamance is a preserved and wild region that deserves to be discovered!

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