Sigths & Landmarks Senegal

12 Sigths & Landmarks in Dakar, Senegal

Phare Des Mamelles Dakar

Phare Des Mamelles

Discover the emblematic charm of the Phare des Mamelles in Dakar precisely in Senegal. Offering panoramic and spectacular views, this must-see attraction embodies the essence of th...

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Monument De La Renaissance Africaine Dakar

Monument De La Renaissance Africaine

Dominating Dakar, the African Renaissance Monument, standing at 52 meters in copper, portrays a muscular man emerging from the Mamelles hills. Bare-chested, carrying a child in one...

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Le Desert De Lompoul Dakar

Le Desert De Lompoul

The Lompoul Desert, located halfway between Saint-Louis and Dakar, contains sand dunes 50 meters high, making this space one of the most beautiful dune deserts of all Senegal. The...

Le Desert De Lompoul Dakar

Le Desert De Lompoul

The Lompoul desert has everything to surprise. Located between Dakar and Saint Louis, this small desert hides behind its modest dimensions a haven of peace, it is at sunset that th...

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Lac Rose Dakar

Lac Rose

Looking for an activity to do around Dakar? The pink lake or lake retba is an ideal excursion to spend an exotic day when you are visiting Senegal. Do not be disappointed if the la...


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Ile De Gorée Dakar

Ile De Gorée

A unique place, this small island of Senegal has a crazy charm with its pastel houses, its restaurants, but this refuge of relaxation with its "House of slaves" reminds us of Gorée...

Grande Mosquée Dakar

Grande Mosquée

Lac Retba Ou Lac Rose Dakar

Lac Retba Ou Lac Rose

Lac Retba, often called Lac Rose for its particular color, is one of the most visited sites on the Cap Vert peninsula in Senegal. It has shades ranging from fuchsia pink to purple...

Place De L’Indépendance Dakar

Place De L’Indépendance

Dakar's Place de l'Indépendance is the beating heart of the city. Symmetrically designed, it contains majestic colonial buildings, including the Gouvernance (office of the French g...

Ile De Ngor Dakar

Ile De Ngor

The island of Ngor is one of the unmissable places in Dakar. Certainly less known than the island of Gorée, it exudes an atmosphere of tranquility and easy living that is entirely...

Palais Présidentiel Dakar

Palais Présidentiel

Inaugurated on June 28, 1907 as the Palace of the General Government, the Palace of the Republic is the residence of the Head of State, and was occupied as such by Presidents Léopo...

Les îles De La Madeleine Dakar

Les îles De La Madeleine

The Magdalen Islands are an archipelago located off Dakar (Senegal). It is made up of two islands, the larger of which is Sarpan Island, and the smaller, Lougne Island. Covering an...