Ile De Goree

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A unique place, this small island of Senegal has a crazy charm with its pastel houses, its restaurants, but this refuge of relaxation with its "House of slaves" reminds us of Gorée's role in the past and the sufferings of the black slave trade. Today Gorée has become a major tourist attraction in Senegal due to its role during the slave trade.

If Gorée is represented as a symbolic place in the history of slavery, it is rather because it still remains one of the places where one can still find remains of this tragic period. A guided tour of this slave house takes you directly into the deplorable history of the slave trade. Discovering this majestic island is as moving as it is instructive.

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Paris, France
5 05 Sep 2016
Le lieu chargé d'histoire et haut en couleur. Nous ne sommes pas déçu.
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