Malagasy coral reef heart trip

18 Days | Antananarivo, Madagascar
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A real adventure! On the way to the Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park by crossing the Tsiribihina and Manambolo rivers by ferry. Are you fond of scuba diving and underwater activities?  Don't hesitate to come and discover the south-western side of the island as far as Salary, one of the most beautiful sites along the coast of blue lagoon and coral. The visit continues up the famous national road n°7 (RN7), ending in the Capital.

Highlights of the tour

v  Meeting with the manufacturers of aluminium casseroles

v  Discover  the craft workshops

v  Visit of various parks and exceptional reserves, a tour that reveals all the beauty of the Malagasy fauna and flora.

v  Exploring the amazing Tsingy of Bemaraha

v  Discover the Baobab trees in love and sacred and the “Allée des Baobabs” (Baobab Avenue)

v  Mikea's incomparable primeval forest

v  Relaxation on the beautiful beaches of Salary


DAY 1: Country of embarkation - Antananarivo

DAY 2 : Antananarivo - Miandrivazo

DAY 3 : Miandrivazo - Marofandilia

DAY 4: Marofandilia - Bekopaka

DAY 5: Bekopaka

DAY 6: Bekopaka - Morondava

DAY 7: Morondava - Manja

DAY 8: Manja - Morombe

DAY 9:Morombe - Salary

DAY 10 - 11: Salary

DAY 12: Salary - Isalo

DAY 13: Isalo

DAY 14: Ranohira - Ambalavao

DAY 15: Ambalavao - Ranomafana

DAY 16: Ranomafana - Antsirabe

DAY 17: Antsirabe - Antananarivo

DAY 18: Antananarivo - Country of origin


Specific information for the tour

·         Possible tour duration of 18 days / 17 nights

·         Departure from 2 persons

·         Accommodation in luxury hotels in Salary and comfort hotels, in bivouacs and gites for the rest of the stages.

·         4×4 car with a professional driver and an English, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your choice.

·         Accessible all year round except during intense cyclone season

·         Hiking in dugout canoe or boat, possibility of meeting and exchanging with fishermen.

·         Variation of transportation: Car, dugout canoe, boat, rickshaw, zebu car.

Tour Category



-          Hiking by dugout canoe, boat or ferry

-          Walking tour

-          Water sports: diving, snorkeling, deer kit, kayaking, etc...

-          Discovery of fauna and flora in parks and reserves

-          Enjoy beautiful beaches

-          Stroll in the fishing villages

-          Discovery of culture and tradition

Group Size

Unlimited number but at least 2 people for a guaranteed departure, if solo, you just have to pay the extra indicated in the program.


Highlands, West, South

Day 1: Welcoming by our team on your arrival in Antananarivo

Our team will meet you at Ivato airport and drop you off at the hotel. During the journey, you can discover the rice fields of the highlands if it’s daylight. If it’s night, you can admire Antananarivo at night. Presentation of the program of your tour and delivery of your travel documents. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 30 min

·         Distance: 15 km

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Day 2: Discovery of the craft workshops in Antsirabe and continuation to Miandrivazo.

After breakfast, departure for Miandrivazo, discover the Central Highlands with their rice fields and red laterite brick houses. Crossing magnificent landscapes along a winding road lined with small waterfalls extending the view over carpets of rice fields arranged in terraces. A stop in Ambatolampy to meet the manufacturers of aluminium pots. Continuation of the road, you will still appreciate the magnificent landscape, the rocks, the fertile plain with volcanic soil. Arrival in Antsirabe, visit of the craft workshops (according to your choice, horn objects, miniature objects, embroidery workshop, stone cutting...). Free lunch at the restaurant and tour of the town, from the avenue to the thermal baths by rickshaw. Then continuation to Miandrivazo, the second city where the heat reigns. Arrival towards the end of the afternoon, walk to discover the city and installation at the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 8 h

·         Distance: 390 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: PRINCESSE TSIRIBIHINA hotel or similar

Day 3: Direction to Maronfadilia and night visit to the reserve.

Have breakfast early in the morning and leave for the west of Madagascar. Explore the wonderful landscapes such as savannahs, mountains, rivers with bridges built during the colonial period. Stop in the villages to observe the way of life of the people, the tradition... Apparently, the view changes completely because we arrive on the baobab zone mixing beautiful rice fields. 14 km before the town of Morondava, we take the road towards Marofandilia, passing by the Baobabs Avenue. Installation at the lodge and night visit to discover lemurs, chameleons, birds, snakes ...  Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

·         Duration:7 h

·         Distance: 360 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation:LE CAMP AMOUREUX or similar

Day 4: Day trip to the Marofandilia Reserve

After breakfast, visit of the reserve. Afterwards, direction towards Bekopaka, take the ferry boat on the Tsiribihina river for 40 minutes. Lunch at the restaurant in Belo-Tsiribihina. Back on the road northwards, take the Manambolo river and cross by ferry for 10 minutes. Installation at your hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 h

·         Distance: 150 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: TANANKOAY hotel or similar


Day 5: Exploration of the Tsingy of Bemaraha

After breakfast, departure for discovery. This day will allow you to explore the Tsingy of Bemaraha which are classified as World Heritage of Humanity since 1990 by UNESCO. Its sharp peaks that form the limestone massif reach up to 30 meters. At the same time, the diversity of flora and fauna forms the landscape. Picnic lunch. In the afternoon, visit of the small Tsingy and/or discovery of the village of Bekopaka. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: TANANKOAY hotel or similar

Day 6: Baobab in love and Baobab Avenue

After breakfast, you will return to Morondava by taking the junction of the road of the Baobab in Love and Sacred and the “Allée des Baobabs”. A stop for lunch at the restaurant on the way. Baobabs are specific to the region and Madagascar has six species out of the eight existing in the world. After enjoying the magnificent sunset, you will continue to Morondava.  Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration:5 h

·         Distance: 213 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SELECT HOTEL or similar

Day 7: Through the Baobab forest to reach Manja.

After breakfast in the morning, direction in the south, through the savannah landscape, the baobab forest, rivers, typical villages. Arrival at Manja in the afternoon. Discovery of the village and its surroundings. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration:8 h

·         Distance: 180 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: KANTO hotel or similar

Day 8: Continuation of the road towards Morombe.

Breakfast early in the morning and departure from Manja to the next destination Morombe. Looking at the savannah, the lost forests with the baobabs in the middle make you want to stop and take pictures. Seeing the groups of zebus grazing on the grass is fascinating. It should be noted that the zebu is a sacred animal in Madagascar. Arrival on the Mangoky River, through the ferry, continue on the road but the landscape is completely different, the pile of baobabs, the great rice plain change into thorny forest until Morombe. A stop along the way for taking photos, compare the landscape. Arrival in Morombe, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration:7 h

·         Distance: 160 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ KATIA or similar

Day 9: Continuation of the trip through the Mikea forest.

In the morning after breakfast, road to Salary, through the huge baobab tree on the region. Drive on the sandy road for 25 km and we cross the Mikea forest where the local people live, half wild. Is it possible to live, or to survive, in a forest where there are no springs, ponds or wells, and fleeing all contact with the outside world? This is the mystery of the Mikea! This forest is still primary but without it they will not be able to survive. Lunch at the restaurant along the way. We stay on the beach of the Mozambique Channel. In the afternoon, arrival in Salary which is a small fishing village on the west coast of Madagascar, located between Andavadoaka and Tulear. The Vezo fishermen (nomadic fishermen ethnic group) take out early in the morning their balance pirogues with makeshift sails. In the hot hours, everyone lives to the rhythm of the "mora-mora". Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration:5 h

·         Distance: 110 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SALARY BAY or similar

Day 10 - 11: Free days in Salary

The bay of Salary is a sumptuous landscape. On the edge of the Ambatomilo lagoon, which stretches over more than 100 kilometers from Ifaty to Andavadoaka, its turquoise waters and white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see make it a place of great beauty, all in an almost unreal immensity and calm. Only the clacking of the waves of the lagoon could disturb the tranquillity of this virgin and still preserved nature. Two free days to organize various water activities: excursions, snorkeling, visit of the village, sand, dunes, various water sports... Relaxation at the beach under the sun of Madagascar. The guide will help you to make the choice on the spot. Lunch, Dinner and Night at the Hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: SALARY BAY or similar

Day 12: Ascent to the RN7 to Isalo.

After a few days on the beautiful beach, after breakfast, we move to Ranohira, about 7 hours drive. We pass by Ifaty, the popular place for the beach, and back on the asphalt road, discovering a little bit the city of Tulear. Continue driving on the famous national road RN7, through the villages of the sapphire mine and arrive at the Isalo national park gate . Stop for   lunch at the restaurant along the way. Arrival in Ranohira at the end of the day. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 8 h

·         Distance: 352 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: CHEZ ALICE hotel or similar

Day 13: Visit of Isalo National Park

After breakfast, departure to visit the Isalo National Park which is one of the best known hot spots of wildlife and dry forest of Madagascar. The Isalo consists largely of steep, wooded slopes on which there are well-designed trails. Some of them leads to observation points from where the views are enchanting; in addition to all the beautiful lemurs and other wildlife in the park. The guide will do his best to show you many species of lemurs, reptiles, birds and insects.

Isalo national park is characterized by ruiniform massifs of 820 to 1240km sculpted by erosion over time, rivers, exceptional flora and fauna. Then, we will go for a hike in the heart of this exceptional site by taking well traced paths of the land and rocks, making a detour through canyons with lush vegetation and outstanding landscapes. Swimming in a natural pool at the end of the walk. Picnic lunch. Apart from this, if you wish, the hotel offers several relaxation which will be available at your expense. Otherwise, you can enjoy the sunset over the window of the Isalo. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: CHEZ ALICE hotel or similar

Day 14: Visit of Anja village reserve and Antemoro paper in Ambalavao.

After breakfast, departure for Ambalavao, looking the difference of landscape such as Rocky Mountains, savannah ... lunch at the restaurant next to the village park Anja, visit of the reserve to discover the fauna and flora, it’s a cultural and historical site for the Betsileo ethnic group. Continuation of the road, arrival in Ambalavao, visit of the Antemoro paper craft workshop and the silk weaving workshop. Discovery of this village. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration:4 h

·         Distance: 230 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ZONGO HOTEL or similar

Day 15: Stop in Fianarantsoa for the belvedere and drive to Ranomafana.

After breakfast, take the road to Ranomafana. Stop in Fianarantsoa for the belvedere to admire its historical monuments. Leave towards the lower town to see the old train station and continue the road to Ranomafana. Lunch at the restaurant. Installation at the hotel. Discovery of the thermal bath. Then visit of the village. Night visit to discover the micro lemur and the chameleon. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 3 h

·         Distance: 120 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: IHARY HOTEL or similar

Day 16: Visit of Ranomafana National Park.

After breakfast, visit of Ranomafana National Park, one of the most beautiful site in Madagascar in terms of biodiversity, moreover this reserve is currently classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for biodiversity conservation.

Then take the road to Antsirabe. Stop in Ambositra for the visit of the sculpture workshops and the specific Zafimaniry art. Lunch at the restaurant. Then continuation of the road, arrival in Antsirabe capital of rickshaws. You can make the city tour with the local means of transport: from the avenue to the thermal baths and back to the hotel. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 h

·         Distance: 247 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: GREEN PARK HOTEL or similar

Day 17: Visit of the foundry in Ambatolampy and return to Antananarivo.

After breakfast, departure to return to Antananarivo. Stop in Ambatolampy to discover the aluminium foundry. The work of the foundry is an activity of great importance for all the households of the island. Each home has at least one of the kitchen items and utensils that are made in this central highland community. In the past, pots were made of metallic iron, but from time to time aluminum has replaced this metal, which is difficult to work with. Craftsmen collect scrap aluminum from different houses in the towns in order to recycle it. Visit the shops to discover the items made and buy souvenirs. Then continuation of the road to Antananarivo. Arrival in the capital, lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit of the city center, from the train station to the independence avenue, go up to the upper town discovering the queen’s palace up to the panoramic viewpoint. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration:4 h

·         Distance: 170 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ROVA HOTEL or similar

Day 18: Cultural and historical discovery then flight to the country of origin.

After breakfast, take the national road RN3 for a cultural and historical discovery by visiting the Royal Palace in Ambohimanga Rova. On the way, stop to visit a center that takes care of autistic children and young people. This is the Padre Pio Charity House, supported by our Tour Operator in its charitable activities. Depending on your flight schedule, possibility to discover Malagasy handicrafts at the dam market. Dinner and meeting with our team. Day use at the hotel then transfer to the airport. Flight back to your home country.

·         Duration: All day

·         Distance: 20 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

·         Accommodation: SAHAMALAZA or Similar


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Useful informations


Minimun of 2 participants is required
Available Languages
Moderate: Partial refund if cancellation is within 5 days of booking


Good to know

The price includes:

·         A good driver and a professional English, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your request for the stay.

·         A 4x4 vehicle with fuel during the stay

·         Accommodation with Breakfast as indicated in the program (or similar), based on double room

·         Picnic lunches on Day 5 and Day 13 and Dinner on Day 18

·         Entrance fees to parks and sites indicated

·         Local guides and porters in the parks

·         Transfers

·         Ferries and ferries

·         Vignettes and tourist taxes

·         One bottle of water per person per day

The price does not include:

·         International flights

·         Meals not included in the program

·         Activities with the mention "free" and other optional activities

·         Activities in Salary

·         Tips and drinks

·         Your personal insurances

·         Expenditure of a personal nature

·         The price of the visa: +/- 35 €.

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