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Tours & Things to do in Antananarivo

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Whale discovery

Sightseeing Tours - Antananarivo
8 Days
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Unforgettable journey in ampefy

City & Country Guides - Antananarivo
2 Days
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The north adventure of madagascar

Safari & Wildlife - Antananarivo
5 Days
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Visit tsingy bemaraha .

Adventure & Sport - Antananarivo
9 Days
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Masoala adventure tour

Adventure & Sport - Antananarivo
7 Days
From $195.00 per people

A day of cultural and ecotourism discovery in antananarivo

Art & Culture - Antananarivo
1 Days

Tourism Antananarivo

Capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo is renowned for its unique architecture with its neighborhoods arranged on stairs.

They are home to magnificent palaces, one of the most famous being the Rova Palace overlooking the city. dating back to the 17th century, this palace was the center of the Merina Kingdom. There you will find wooden houses and royal tombs.

One of the main attractions of the city is the Museum of Art and Archeology of Isoraka which is also an institute of civilizations where are exposed several archaeological works that will teach you a lot about the history of Madagascar, its inhabitants and its traditions. There are also ethnographic objects from all over the island and many kitchen utensils. This museum will help you to have an enlightened idea on evolution of the Malagasy culture since the 1st century until now.

Antananarivo also offers beautiful landscapes that will leave us no doubt indifferent, Lake Anosy, heart-shaped, surrounded by jacarandas is the perfect example.

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