55 Nightlife in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The One Night Club Abidjan

The One Night Club

The One Night Club is a nightclub located on Boulevard de Marseille in Zone 4.

The DaVinci Code (ex-Le Code Barré) Abidjan

The DaVinci Code (ex-Le Code Barré)

DaVinci code, formerly known as Le Code Barré, is a bar-lounge-nightclub located on Boulevard de Marseille at the entrance to Wafou. On weekdays, the atmosphere is loungey and rela...

La Piedra Discothèque Abidjan

La Piedra Discothèque

Discover this new hot spot for Zone 4 night owls. It features a convivial terrace and a zougloutic atmosphere. A perfect place for those looking to spend a pleasant evening in a wa...

Terminal-A Abidjan


Terminal-A is a must for Abidjan residents. Its setting and ambience make it a must-do for travelers in search of a unique experience. Come and discover the renowned guests who vis...

Nul Bar Ailleurs 225 Abidjan

Nul Bar Ailleurs 225

Nul Bar Ailleurs 225 is a street bar with an atypical decor and xxl cocktails to quench your thirst, themed evenings and lots of other surprises.

Guantanamo Bar Abidjan

Guantanamo Bar

Bar Guantanamo: the most popular bar! Discover Bar Guantanamo, a unique and unmissable venue for lovers of good ambiance and tasty cocktails. Located right in the heart of the cit...

Blu-Ray Abidjan


Le Blu-Ray is a bar-disco located in Zone 4, close to the Marlin Bleu. This establishment is ideal for travelers looking for a lively, festive atmosphere. Blu-Ray offers a unique...

Motown The Musical Abidjan

Motown The Musical

Motown the Musical is a nightclub located in Zone 4. It offers a pleasant setting and a friendly atmosphere.

The HAP Abidjan


HAP, an acronym for Happy African Place, is a unique concept combining a coworking space, a boutique, a coffee shop and a beauty salon. It's a vibrant place of culture and exchange...

Le Piment Rouge ICE Abidjan

Le Piment Rouge ICE

Zone 4 nightclub Discover an unforgettable nightlife experience at our nightclub in the lively Zone 4 district. Enjoy an electrifying atmosphere, lively music and a spacious dance...

Funky House Abidjan Abidjan

Funky House Abidjan

Funky House Abidjan is a Lounge Bar Paradise located at 2 Plateaux. It's the ideal place to relax and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

FéLah Abidjan


Félah is an open-air lounge in Angré, known for its regular DJ evenings.

Le Diplomatico Abidjan Abidjan

Le Diplomatico Abidjan

Diplomatico is the ideal bar-lounge for cocktail, cigar and spirits lovers. Enjoy a warm, friendly atmosphere and top-quality drinks. Our selection of cocktails is carefully crafte...

Matignon Lounge & Clubbing Abidjan

Matignon Lounge & Clubbing

The Matignon Lounge & Clubbing is a must in Angré for lovers of lively evenings. Enjoy a friendly, festive atmosphere for karaoke or rumba evenings. Come and discover this trendy n...

BIG PLAY Clubbing & Terrasse Abidjan

BIG PLAY Clubbing & Terrasse

Selfie Bar Cocktails Abidjan

Selfie Bar Cocktails

Selfie Bar Cocktails is a lounge offering a relaxed, mellow atmosphere in a friendly, casual setting.

Mama Doble Abidjan

Mama Doble

Mama Doble, located in Zone 4, is the ideal place to spend convivial evenings with friends. You can enjoy a selection of tapas à la carte, as well as a wide variety of arranged rum...

Skyfall Lounge Abidjan

Skyfall Lounge

Skyfall lounge is a chic venue located in Cocody, offering a variety of lively evenings such as slam, jazz, stand up and rumba. It's the ideal place for lovers of entertainment and...

Babilonia Night-club Abidjan

Babilonia Night-club

Babilonia night-club is a nightclub located in Zone 4, near Petit Café. It's the ideal place to spend a lively evening dancing in Abidjan. With its electrifying atmosphere, spaciou...

Centrale VIP Abidjan

Centrale VIP

Centrale VIP is a lounge bar in Yopougon. It offers a magnificent setting and an incredible atmosphere.

Cotton Club Abidjan

Cotton Club

The Cotton Club is a must for lovers of quality music. Located in a warm and friendly setting, it offers a unique experience to all travelers in search of a good time. The Cotton...

Ninety Degree 90 Abidjan

Ninety Degree 90

Located opposite Notre-Dame d'Afrique on Boulevard de Marseille, Ninety Degree 90 is a must for Zone 4 nightlife. It's a cocktail bar with pool tables.

Le Kitch Bar Abidjan

Le Kitch Bar

Nestled in the ITC Kitchen, the Kitch Bar is a cosy spot offering impeccable service.

The Pharmacy Abidjan

The Pharmacy

A forerunner of themed bars, the Pharmacy is a must for your Saturday evening!

Mandjaro Abidjan


Mandjaro is a bar-lounge located on the 5th floor of the ITC (Ivory Trade Center) in Cocody, with a breathtaking view over Abidjan. Enjoy cocktails and tasty dishes in an exception...

Swipe Up Abidjan

Swipe Up

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O’Paas Lounge & Clubbing Abidjan

O’Paas Lounge & Clubbing

O'Paas Lounge & Clubbing is a trendy bar offering a lively atmosphere, tasty cocktails and quality chichas. Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening in a modern and friendly setting...

Combi Lounge Club Abidjan

Combi Lounge Club

The Combi Lounge Club is the perfect place to spend a lively weekend with upbeat music, tasty cocktails and shishas. Come and enjoy the festive atmosphere and good mood in this tre...

JetSet Club Abidjan

JetSet Club

JetSet Club International is a nightclub located in the Plateau, offering the best in timeless music.

Pam’s Abidjan


Lounge-bar renowned for its live concerts and lively atmosphere. Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening in a warm and friendly setting. Our varied musical program will satisfy all...