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26 Nature & Parks in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Parc National Du Banco Abidjan

Parc National Du Banco

Did you know that a few minutes from the center of Cocody (when traffic is fluid) there is a place where you can totally disconnect from the city of Abidjan and find yourself in th...

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Paradisia Abidjan


This amusement park offers a variety of captivating attractions for all ages, from thrilling rides to mesmerizing shows. Enjoy unforgettable moments with family or friends in this...

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Parc National De Taï Abidjan

Parc National De Taï

The Tai National Park is located west of the Ivory Coast. Covering more than 5,000 km², this park is one of the largest remnants of the primary rainforest that once covered West Af...

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Jardin Botanique De Bingerville Abidjan

Jardin Botanique De Bingerville

1 reviews

" Top pour un pique-nique en groupe "

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Splash Parc Abidjan Abidjan

Splash Parc Abidjan

Splash Park Abidjan offers wave pools, sensational slides and interactive play areas for the little ones. Whether you are looking for aquatic chills or simply relax by the pool, ou...

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Kafolo Lagoon Abatta Abidjan

Kafolo Lagoon Abatta

Fun and adventure await you at the Kafolo Lagoon Abatta Hotel in Abidjan, a welcoming establishment offering activities for the whole family. Share unforgettable moments with your...

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Les Robinsons De Lahou Abidjan

Les Robinsons De Lahou

Located near Grand Lahou, Robinsons de Lahou is not a hotel: it is an unforgettable experience. The island is available for 10 people. In the program fishing, mountain biking, walk...


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Dreamland Abidjan


Dreamland, one of the entertainment destinations in Abidjan, welcomes you in a world of fun adventures for the whole family. Immerse yourself in pleasure with a range of exciting a...

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Le Parc National Du Banco Abidjan

Le Parc National Du Banco

The Banco National Park (PNB) is an enchanted retreat far from the posh beaches where the Babi meets every weekend in a sunny ballet. With more than 20,000 visitors per year, it is...

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Hyde Park Abidjan

Hyde Park

Hyde Park was originally a trampoline area, but since December 2020 has been transformed into a water play area. This park offers children and parents alike water-based attraction...

Sunset Park Abidjan

Sunset Park

Sunset Park is a water park open every day, located on the Abatta road. Enjoy a sunny day with family or friends at this water park offering a variety of attractions for all ages....

Aquaria Splash Abidjan

Aquaria Splash

Aquaria Splash is a water park and children's restaurant located in Assinie. It features a swimming pool with several attractions to ensure maximum fun.

Le Jardin Makais Abidjan

Le Jardin Makais

This former farmhouse transformed into a botanical garden, opened in July 2011, is an ideal place for a family outing in search of green spaces. You can contact the Dosso family in...

Les Crinières D’Ivoire Abidjan

Les Crinières D’Ivoire

Sunday afternoon strolls in and around Abidjan, day hikes with picnics to Bassam, Assinie, Mondoukou..., horseback safaris.

Splash Park Yopougon Abidjan

Splash Park Yopougon

Splash Park Yopougon is a small aquatic paradise set in pleasant, safe surroundings. It features 11 attractions including slides, water jets and waterfalls. The pool, with depths r...

International Club & Paintball Park Abidjan

International Club & Paintball Park

The International Club & Paintball Park in Yopougon is an ideal place to relax for outings with family or friends. Located on the edge of the lagoon, this green space of 4,000 m² o...

Bini Hippo Abidjan

Bini Hippo

Bini Hippo is a unique place located just 1h30 from Abidjan, in the Agneby-Tiassa region. Spend an unusual day in the company of the Bandama hippos. Take the opportunity to observe...

Splash Park Abidjan

Splash Park

Since its opening in August 2020, Splash Park has become a must-see for lovers of aquatic relaxation. Set in pleasant, safe surroundings, this little paradise offers a range of 11...

Aquareal Park Bingerville Abidjan

Aquareal Park Bingerville

Aquareal Park Bingerville is a secure water park offering many activities for the whole family. Enjoy slides, swimming pools and water games for a day of relaxation and fun. Cateri...

Parc National Tai Abidjan

Parc National Tai

 Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage, the National Park of Tai with its more than 5,000 km2 still contains under its thick canopy a multitude of secrets. Ideal starting point fo...

Parc National Azagny Abidjan

Parc National Azagny

Savannahs, shrubby savannahs, riverine forests, gallery forests, coastal grasslands and even patches of dense moist forest are a remarkable example of transitional habitats between...

Le Parc National De La Comoé Abidjan

Le Parc National De La Comoé

Located in the northeast of Côte d'Ivoire, this natural park covers an area of ​​1,149,450 hectares. It is considered one of the largest biodiversity reserves in West Africa. Trave...

La Réserve Naturelle De Dahliafleur Abidjan

La Réserve Naturelle De Dahliafleur

The Dalhiafleur nature reserve is an ideal place to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature. Located nearby, it offers a nice walk and a breath of fresh air. Discover preserved la...

Le Parc National De Taï Abidjan

Le Parc National De Taï

Taï National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982, is a primary forest in West Africa located on the border between Liberia and Ivory Coast. With an area of ​​330,0...

Parc Archéologique D'ahouakro Abidjan

Parc Archéologique D'ahouakro

Ahouakro's archaeological park is located in the Tiassalé department in the Agneby-Tiassa region at 145 km from Abidjan. With an area of ​​57 hectares, it is like a world of granit...

La Réserve De Faune Du N'zo Abidjan

La Réserve De Faune Du N'zo