20 Leisures in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Zoo National D'abidjan Abidjan

Zoo National D'abidjan

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" Agréablement surprise! Il y a pas mal d'animaux à voir, de quoi passer une bonne après-midi surtout pour les plus petits. En plus, l'entrée est quasiment donnée! "

" A faire une fois ! Sortie Familiale sympathique. "

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Orcaland Marcory Abidjan

Orcaland Marcory

Discover a unique play space on the top floor of the famous Orca store on the VGE. Enjoy an unforgettable fun experience for the whole family. With a variety of games and activitie...

Gondwana Club Abidjan

Gondwana Club

Gondwana Club is a leading comedy club, conceived and run by Mamane and his dedicated team. Every week, the club brings the people of Abidjan top-quality comedy shows, featuring th...

Azk Live Abidjan

Azk Live

Azk Live is a concert venue located in Cocody Blockhauss, Reggae Place.

Vietnam Gaming Center Abidjan

Vietnam Gaming Center

Our Game Center offers you an unforgettable gaming experience with a variety of games such as billiards, table football, arcade games, network games and even virtual reality. Come...

Play Zone CI Abidjan

Play Zone CI

Discover an entertaining play area located at the Grand Carrefour de Marcory. Enjoy arcade games, billiards and table football to have a pleasant time with friends or family. Don't...

Miami Beach Abidjan

Miami Beach

This open-air space is ideal for celebrating happy moments with family and friends, right on the edge of the lagoon. Enjoy an unforgettable moment in a peaceful, friendly setting.

Dycoco Abidjan


Youpiland La Petite Académie Abidjan

Youpiland La Petite Académie

In the heart of Youpiland “La petite Académie”, discover our outdoor aquapark! With a swimming pool, a huge bouncy castle, foam slides, a zip line, swings, a climbing wall and a so...

Yelam’s Abidjan


The Treichville concert and performance hall is a must for music and art lovers. Located in the lively Treichville district, this venue offers a varied, high-quality program, rangi...

Les Compagnons De Kilou Abidjan

Les Compagnons De Kilou

Our children's recreation and activity center is the ideal place for your children to have a fun and educational time. We offer childcare services for children of all ages, with ac...

Le Music All Comedy Abidjan

Le Music All Comedy

Music All Comedy (MAC) is a new arts scene in the capital launched by the famous comedian OUALAS.

MM Lounge Abidjan

MM Lounge

This open-air space mainly offers event services and the possibility of renting the venue. Ideal for a variety of occasions, it offers a unique and attractive setting.

Le Monde De Mimi Joly Abidjan

Le Monde De Mimi Joly

Le monde de Mimi Joly is a creative leisure center, daycare center and kindergarten class for children. We offer a variety of fun and educational activities for children of all age...

Bibliothèque Encre Noire Abidjan

Bibliothèque Encre Noire

Located at the Riviera Palmeraie, this library offers a vast selection of books to borrow. It regularly organizes reading workshops for all ages.

Le Romandroom Abidjan

Le Romandroom

The Romandroom is a social library located in Treichville. This literary space is dedicated to book and novel enthusiasts who want to meet and exchange ideas. Come and discover our...

VR-Land Abidjan


This is one of the city's newest game rooms! A space largely dedicated to virtual reality, where you can experiment with the capabilities of this technology on a variety of themes...

Orcaland Riviera Abidjan

Orcaland Riviera

Discover our games space located on the top floor of the famous Abidjan Mall, in the Riviera district. Enjoy a unique gaming experience in a modern and friendly setting. Our play a...

Des Livres Pour Tous Abidjan

Des Livres Pour Tous

Des Livres pour Tous" libraries are community centers dedicated to children and teenagers. Located in Treichville, Adjamé and Irobo, these libraries offer a wide choice of books fo...

Adoumin Beach Resort Abidjan

Adoumin Beach Resort

Adoumin Beach Resort is a leisure complex located in Blockhauss, on the edge of the lagoon. Take advantage of our ideal "feet in the water" location for a relaxing vacation. We off...