Getaway far north to the archipelago heart

21 Days | Antananarivo, Madagascar
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An incursion that will reveal the essence of Madagascar in complete freedom in terms of taste, culture and nature. A trip that will take you to discover the nature of the North-Western part of the island and special encounters with the local inhabitants during which you will immerse yourself into their daily life and their cash crop fields. Among your stop overs, Nosy-Be Island, where you will explore several paradisiacal islets with white sandy beaches and a sea rich in fauna and flora. Encounters with lemurs are inevitable during your stay. Undoubtedly, this trip to Madagascar will allow you to live an experience as diverse as it is rich in emotions.

Highlights of this tour:

v  Long and rich tour in discovery without dead time

v  Tour highlighting the relationship and approach with local farmers during the stops along the route

v  Tourliterally rich in flavor(cocoa, ylang-ylang, vanilla)

v  Encounter with different species of Lemurs, especially the sumptuous Aye-Aye.

v  Visit in all its aspects (night and day in Ankarafantsika, night in Sahamalaza...).

v  Immersion in the sumptuous archipelago of Nosy Be

v  Discovery of the cultivation of the best cocoa in the world in Ambanja: visit of the Millot plantation.

v  Discovery of the artisanal and ecological manufacture of zebu cart in Tanambao V: Workshop Tsimanavaka in Ambanja

v  The sensational Tsingy of Ankarana and red Tsingy

v  Sailing to the Emerald Sea in Diego



DAY 1: Welcome to the capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo

DAY 2: Antananarivo

DAY 3: Antananarivo - Ankarafantsika

DAY 4: Ankarafantsika - Majunga

DAY 5: Majunga

DAY 6:Majunga - Katsepy - Majunga

DAY 7: Majunga - Anjiamangirana

DAY 8: Anjiamangirana - Antsohihy

DAY 9:Antsohihy - Ambanja

DAY 10: Ambanja - Ankify - Nosy Be

DAY 11: Nosy Be and its surroundings

DAY 12: Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely - Nosy Be

DAY 13: Nosy Sakatia - Nosy Be

DAY 14: Nosy Be - Ambanja - Ankarana

DAY 15: Visit of Ankarana Park

DAY 16: Ankarana - Red Tsingy - Diego

DAY 17: Emerald Sea

DAY 18: Amber Mountain

DAY 19: Three Bays

DAY 20:Diégo - Antananarivo

DAY 21: Antananarivo - Country of origin

Precise information for this tour

·         21 days/20 nights tour

·         Departure from 2 persons

·         Accommodation in luxury hotels with comfort,

·         4×4 car with professional driver and English, French, Spanish and Italian speaking guide according to your choice.

·         Accessible all year round except during intense cyclone season

·         Hiking in dugout canoe or boat, possibility of meeting and exchanging with fishermen.

·         Variation in transportation: Car, plane, dugout canoe, boat, rickshaw, tuc-tuc

Circuit Category



-          Canoe or boat trip

-          Walking tour

-          Night visit to Ankarafantsika and Sahamalaza

-          Water sports: diving, snorkeling, surf kit, kayaking, etc...

-          Discovery of fauna and flora in national and private parks and reserves

-          Enjoy beautiful beaches

-          Stroll to the three bays and the emerald sea

-          Memorable excursion to the Northern Isles

-          Discovery of the culture and tradition of the North

Group Size

Unlimited number but at least 2 people for a guaranteed departure, if solo,you just pay the extra indicated in the program.


Highlands, Northwest and North (Nosy Be Archipelago and Diego Suarez)


Day 1: Welcome to the capital of Madagascar

On your arrival at the Ivato international airport, you will be welcomed by our team. Then, transfer to the hotel where you will spend a night.

·         Duration: 9 min

·         Distance: 4.8 km

·         Accommodation: RELAIS DES PLATEAUX hotel or similar

Day 2: Discovery of the blue hill of Ambohimanga

After breakfast, briefing to explain your travel program. Discovery of  Ambohimanga Rova. This cradle of the Merina ethnic group which is located 20 km from the city center is one of the region's flagship sites, classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Lunch at the restaurant on the way. On the way back, visit of a Padre Pio Charity House Center to meet autistic children and young people who manage to do some very beautiful and incredible handicrafts! It is a center supported by our tour operator in its charitable activities. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

·         Duration: 2h 30 driving time and 3 hours of visit.

·         Distance: 24 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation:RELAIS DES PLATEAUX hotel or similar

Day 3: Admiration of the varied landscapes through the plateaus of Tampoketsa

Taking National Road 4, we head towards the north west coast of the island. Along the way, you will be able to admire the beauty and immensity of the varied landscapes through the famous plateaus of Tampoketsa. A short break at Maevatanana, the warmest place of the big island which is famous for its mining resources where you will have the opportunity to see the gold diggers. Lunch then extension to Ankarafantsika, installation at the hotel. At the beginning of the evening, we will go to meet small mammals, reptiles and nocturnal birds. Dinner and overnight at the hotel or camping in Ankarafantsika.

·         Duration: 09 h

·         Distance: 440 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation:  BLUE VANGA LODGE or similar

Day 4: Stroll in the kingdom of birds

Awakened by the cries of lemurs and the songs of birds, you are indeed in this immense park "in the kingdom of birds". A choice of tours with experienced local guides awaits you for this beautiful day. You won't miss the walk around the Ravelobe Lake with its crocodiles and its history. Lunch and departure for Majunga after the visit. Dinner. Installation and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 h

·         Distance: 117 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: LES ROCHES ROUGES hotel or similar

Day 5: Exploration of the city of Majunga

After breakfast, let's discover the city and its surroundings: a few kilometers from this big city, "Le Grand Pavois", a beautiful beach is waiting for you to relax. Lunch in the nearby restaurant, you will appreciate the flavour of seafood such as lobsters, camarons (large freshwater prawns), gambas, sea shrimps... depending on the season. 

In the afternoon, discovery of the city.Then, we will go to visit the "red circus" from where you will be able to admire a very beautiful sunset. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: LES ROCHES ROUGES hotel or similar

Day 6: Drive to the fishing village of Katsepy

After breakfast, you cross the mouth of the Betsiboka River by ferry or speedboat between 30min and one hour. It is a great adventure that also allows you to have an exchange with the local passengers.  The small fishing village of Katsepy is a pleasant place for excursions. We leave the village to reach the all-metal lighthouse with its magnificent panorama of the Blue Circus, and relaxation on the beach.

Picnic lunch, return to Majunga in the afternoon. A city tour to reveal its secrets, visit of the port of dhows, markets, colonial buildings and we will end the day by taking beautiful pictures around the Great Baobab, symbol of the city. Dinner and night at the same hotel.

·         Duration: 1 hour by boat

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch

·         Lodging: LES ROCHES ROUGES hotel or similar

Day 7: Unpublished encounter with the nocturnal lemurs of Anjiamangirana.

We will take the RN4 to Ambondromamy, then turn left to join the National 6 to Anjiamangirana. Free lunch at the restaurant on the way. Installation at the camp. Visit of the night park in the reserve for looking the Aye aye and other species of Lemurs. Dinner and night at the camp.

·         Duration: 6 h 30

·         Distance: 339 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and dinner

·         Accommodation: At the tent camp

Day 8: Exchange with the local inhabitants of Antsohihy

After breakfast, departure to Antsohihy, to live in the Malagasy way. We will meet the local people, see what they do in their daily life, and especially participate in local activities: cart ride through the fields for planting tobacco, cotton, lentils, beans ... or harvesting depending on the season. You will be able to attend the making and tasting of local rum as well as the making of local cane sugar, preparing a picnic lunch together. Discovery of the city towards the end of the afternoon. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1 hour drive

·         Distance: 48 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: BELLE VUE hotel or similar

Day 9: Ambanja: place of production of cash crops

After a peaceful breakfast, let's leave for Ambanja, considered as a strategic place for the production of cocoa, coffee, pepper and ylang-ylang. Lunch at the restaurant on the way.

The city is located on the banks of the Sambirano River. Arrival in the afternoon, check-in at the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration:5 h

·         Distance: 200 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: HIBISCUS hotel or similar

Day10: Boarding by Boat to Nosy Be and visit to Dzamandzar

After breakfast, departure to join the pier in Ankify, then transfer by boat to Hell-ville, on Nosy Be. Installation at the hotel. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, transfer to Dzamandzar to meet a family association which will warmly welcome you with traditional music and dance for an exchange and then, visit of the pineapple field. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1 hour drive and 1 hour navigation.

·         Distance: 25 km to the pier, 24 km Dzamandzar round trip

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: MADAGASCAR RESORT NOSY BE or similar

Day11: Relaxation day on the "Perfume Island".

Nosy Be, a town named "island of perfumes". First of all, the city tour is a must but we will start by going to see the sacred tree and its history then we will visit the zoological and botanical park "Lemuria Land". In this park, we will also find the plantation and the distillery of Ylang-ylang. Lunch at the restaurant. After this beautiful morning, we will wait for the famous sunset at Passot Mount, the highest point of Nosy Be which rises to 329 m of altitude. It is also a strategic place from where we have a breathtaking view of the small sacred blue lakes and the surrounding islets. Return to Nosy Be, free dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: MADAGASCAR RESORT NOSY BE or similar

Day 12: Excursion to Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely

Boat trip, to discover two pretty islets around Nosy Be. As its name indicates, "NosyKomba" or island with lemurs offers us a kind of excursion, meeting with the lemurs and other fauna and flora species, artisanal visit where you can find superb tablecloths, jewels, as well as wooden objects. Picnic lunch.

As for Nosy Tanikely, where we prepare our picnic, it is famous for its marine reserve which allows us to do snorkeling and diving. Here also a meeting with lemurs is possible and you will be able to see colonies of fruit bats that occupy the trees. We will take the dugout canoe back to Nosy Be. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch.

·         Accommodation: MADAGASCAR RESORT NOSY BE or similar

Day 13: Relaxation on the beautiful beach of Nosy Sakatia.

This course deserves a day of relaxation in the beautiful beach of Nosy Sakatia. This island, 3km square, west of Nosy Be, is home to a plantation of Ylang-ylang and other orchids. Picnic lunch. After this visit, a swim in the warm sea is possible. This island is also famous for its marine reserve where you can swim with turtles and other aquatic species. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch.

·         Accommodation: MADAGASCAR RESORT NOSY BE or similar

Day 14: Visit of the cocoa plantations and cart making.

After breakfast, departure for Ankarana. Transfer to the pier to take the boat to Ankify. It's an hour of sailing, during which you enjoy the landscape, and enjoy taking pictures. The car picks you up in Ankify to take you to Ankarana. On the road before arriving in Ambanja, an exciting stop to visit the Millot plantations. These are plantations of export products: coffee, vanilla and especially cocoa, which is one of the best in the world and the most sought after by chocolate companies. You will also have the opportunity to discover in Ambanja the manufacture of carts by visiting the Tsimanavaka workshop located in Tanambao V, as well as the rice fields: one of the main sources of income of the populations of this part of the island. Lunch at the restaurant. It is possible to make a bike ride depending on the weather. After lunch, on the way to Ankarana Park. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hrs.

·         Distance: 200 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: ANKARANA LODGE or similar

Day 15: Discovery of Ankarana National Park

After breakfast, beginning of the visit and discovery of Tsingy of Ankarana.

Ankarana is a massif of coral origin. It extends over a little more than 30km where canyons, forests, caves and underground rivers reign supreme.

In addition, this small town located in the south of Diego-Suarez is the cradle of the Antakarana people. An obligatory passage when one is in this part of the island. Here, the remarkable discoveries that you will make will be the Tsingy and the karstic landscapes, as well as the many varieties of plants and endemic species.

The reserve covers 18 220ha. Among the species that can be found are 10 species of lemurs (Crowned Lemur, Sanford's Lemur), 92 species of birds of which 54 are endemic to Madagascar. Picnic lunch.

Thrill-seekers will meet in the afternoon for a visit of the small Tsingy, including the bat cave where stalactites and stalagmites meet in profusion. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch

·         Accommodation:  ANKARANA LODGE or similar

Day 16: Passage over the Red Tsingy

After breakfast, departure in the morning for Antsiranana (Diégo-Suarez), and we turn right about fifty kilometers before Diégo to have a look at the red Tsingy.  These Tsingy are the result of an erosion also called lapiaz. The mixture of different oxides and the work of time gave birth to a set of a few hundred small fairy chimneys. Picnic lunch.

Diégo-Suarez: One of the largest cities in the north of the Red Island. In this country of the Antakarana, you have the choice between enjoying the softness of the Mozambique Channel in the West or the beauty of the Indian Ocean in the East.

During the discovery of the city, you will quickly realize that the must-see are the bay of Diego-Suarez and the sugar loaf. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: 4 hours

·         Distance: 170 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch

·         Accommodation:LE GRAND HOTEL or similar

Day 17:Farniente by the Emerald Sea

Breakfast very early in the morning, transfer by car to Ramena and this is where the adventure begins, to get to Suarez Island. Better to take a sailing boat with a good navigator. While crossing the sea, you will already be able to see the turquoise blue color of this sea in the sea. When arriving at Suarez Island, several activities are possible: Swimming, lazing by the Emerald Sea, snorkeling and fishing. While waiting for the fishing products of the pirogues, talented women in the kitchen will prepare a good aperitif for you. Picnic lunch.

Big waves are possible, especially in the southern winter, so there may be a change of itinerary depending on the season or wind. Return to Ramena then continuation to Diego. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 20 km to Ramena

·         Distance: 615 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: LE GRANDHOTEL or similar

Day 18: Expedition to the Amber Mountain National Park:

After breakfast at the hotel, departure for the Montagne d'Ambre Park. A short stop to discover the old colonial city of Joffre-ville.

At the Montagne d'Ambre, you will discover a unique flora. Thanks to the abundant rain that falls in this part of the island, large trees such as the Ramy and Famelona as well as the Rotra are present. The fauna is also of exceptional beauty, with lemurs and birds, as well as dogfish and butterflies. Picnic lunch. Return to the hotel in Diégo-Suarez. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

·         Duration: All day

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation: LE GRANDHOTEL or similar

Day 19: Walk to the Three Bays

Turquoise sea, white sandy beach: these are the decorations that will adorn day 19 of your trip. The Bay of the Dunes, the Bay of the Pigeons, the Bay of the Sakalava, with islets connected at low tide, await you. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1 hour

·         Distance: 40 km

·         Meals included: Breakfast, Picnic lunch

·         Accommodation:LE GRANDHOTEL or similar

Day 20: Return to Antananarivo

Breakfast at the hotel. Before taking the flight back to Antananarivo, some shopping will be possible to buy souvenirs. Then transfer to the airport. Depending on the flight schedule, lunch either at the restaurant of Diego or at the hotel in Antananarivo. Dinner and night at the hotel.

·         Duration: 1h20 flight time

·         Distance: 615km

·         Meals included: Breakfast

·         Accommodation: GRAND HOTEL URBAN or similar

Day 21: Transfer to the airport for the international flight.

After breakfast, departure to discover the lower, middle and upper city of Antananarivo. Visit of the Queen's Palace and its surroundings up to a panoramic viewpoint. Taking of pictures. Lunch at the restaurant of the Upper Town. Discovery of the craft market at Digue then return to the hotel for a day use. Dinner offert and transfer to the airport for the flight back to your home country.

·         Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

·         Accommodation: RELAIS DES PLATEAUX hotelor similar


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Useful informations


Minimun of 2 participants is required
Available Languages
Moderate: Partial refund if cancellation is within 5 days of booking


Good to know

This price is based on 4 people

The price includes:

·         A good driver and professional English, French, Italian or Spanish speaking guide according to your request.

·         A vehicle with fuel during the trip

·         Accommodation with breakfast as indicated in the program (or similar), based on double room.

·         Picnic lunches on Day 6, Day 8, Day 12-13 and Day 15-16-17-18-19; and dinners on Day 7 and Day 21 at the restaurant in Antananarivo.

·         Entrance fees to the parks and sites indicated

·         Local guides and porters in the parks

·         Transfers

·         Vignettes and tourist taxes

·         One bottle of water per person per day


The price does not include:

·         International flights

·         The domestic flight of Diégo-Antananarivo

·         Meals not included in the program

·         Activities with "free" mention and other optional activities

·         Tips and drinks

·         Your personal insurances

·         Expenditure of a personal nature

·         The price of the visa: +/- 35 €.

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