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5 Days | Dakar, Senegal
Mores than pictures

Some people describe Casamance as the most beautiful region in West Africa... The choice is yours! Enjoy Ziguinchor's gentle way of life, the wonders of nature, and the diversity of wildlife.

Day 1: Saly - Ziguinchor

Depart Saly at 06:00, lunch en route. Arrival at Aubert Hotel. Welcome drink. Check-in and free time.
Dinner and folklore evening.

Day 2: Enampor - Seleki-Djibelor

Visit Ziguinchor, the first French trading post in Casamance.
Visit the St Maur des Fossés market (Ziguinchor is twinned with the Val-de-Marne town of the same name) and stroll for a few hours through the craft village, where you'll see Diola artists working with clay, Mandjack and Toucouleur weaving loincloths; visit the djibelor farm, renowned for its exotic fruits and flowers and crocodile breeding.
After lunch, visit the village of Enampor and Seleki. The great attraction of Enampor and Seleki lies in their impluvium huts, a unique example in Africa (you'll have to travel to New Guinea to see others).

Day 3: Djilapao - Affiniam

Leaving the hotel by pirogue, crossing the arm of the Casamance River. Visit Île aux oiseaux, the island of Djilapao surrounded by mangroves. Continue up the bolong to Affiniam, a charming village with a beautiful impluvium hut. A special feature: both men and women work the plough. Lunch at the camp. Meeting with the locals. Return to Ziguinchor and evening at the hotel.

Day 4: Oussouye - Elikine - Karabane

Morning departure for Oussouye. Visit the village and discover its traditions, continuing to Elikine: a Diola village, Catholic or animist, clinging to the earth , rice fields and palm grove. Board a pirogue to reach the island of Karabane.
Karabane is a characteristic small island at the beginning of the Casamance River estuary. The ruins of a Brotonne church and a cemetery can be seen here. Remains from the colonial era, where local notables and French and Portuguese colonizers are buried. The island is famous for its beaches. Lunch.
Laxing on the beach and swimming.

Day 5: Karabane - Saly

Leave hotel at 07:00, lunch en route.
Arrive at Saly hotel around 19:00

Highlights of this tour:

. The natural beauty of Casamance


. The nonchalance of Ziguinchor

. The pirogue ride to discover the rich flora and fauna

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