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This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet some of the more remote ethnic groups of the fascinatingly diverse areas surrounding the Omo River in South West Ethiopia. While the Omo Valley is an area which has been on the “tourist radar” for several years, the vast majority of visitors to the region find themselves unable to escape the “4WD circuit” which has arisen.

This comprehensive itinerary visits some of the region’s better known tribes but also spends a day walking through the Buska Mountains following a remote village trail and camping for two nights in the wild close to the villages of Buska and Kufur. Be warned, this is not an easy journey at times and there will be some basic conditions; it will surely be a journey to challenge the senses. #Flight To Jinka From Addis is everyday

Whilst in this fascinating region we aim to learn about the varied ethnic groups who inhabit the region - from the Mursi, renowned for their lip-plates, the Konso famous for their terraced farming to the Hamer famous for their bull jumping coming of age ceremony. This is a unique itinerary in an unforgettable part of the world.

Highlights: Meeting (amongst many) the Dorze, Ari, Bana, Hamer, Karo Surma, Nyangatom Dasenech tribes people of the delta near Lake Turkana Mursi peoples. Experiencing the weekly markets at Key Afer, Dimeka and Turmi Walking through the remote Buska Mountains Camping wild next to tribal villages Exploring the natural wonders of the Great African Rift Valley

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