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9 Days | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Day 1 :  

We will travel to the Dorze tribe of Chencha and visit the village life of this people, famous for the traditional manufacture of fabrics by weaving cotton with locally made instruments. We will discover their village life in the late afternoon.

Finally, we return to Arbamimch and spend the night in a forty-room hotel in the spring, Arbaminch.

Day 2 :

In the morning, we will drive directly to Jinka where we will stop in Konso to discover the village life of these hard-working communities, well known for their terraced cultivation which dates back some 500 years, especially for growing corn and sorghum in a difficult topography that has been recognized by UNESCO as a heritage.

After visiting this village, we will go to Jinka where we will discover the village life of the Ari tribe who live on the plateau lands surrounding the town of Jinka (the administrative town of the 16 different tribal communities of the Omo Valley region).

Night in Jinka 

Day 3 :

In the morning, we drive to the only tribe of the Mursi (Women are famous for putting clay made of circular lips and ear plates that symbolize beauty in honor) through the Mago National Park to reach their village.

We will discover the authentic and uninterrupted daily activities throughout the afternoon, which will allow us to have a great time of interaction and live a unique experience.

At night we will do it camping with the tribes where we will have an excellent cook with us and a well organized team with complete and clean camping equipment. 

Day 4 :

In the morning, after breakfast, we will return to Jinka and continue driving directly to Turmi where we will make several stops in the villages to meet the tribes there: The daily life of the Banna and Hammer tribes in the village without interruption until late afternoon.

Not forgetting to mention that we will visit the colourful tribal markets we will encounter. 

NB: These markets open once a week in each tribal destination.

Overnight at Mango Lodge 

Day 5 :

In the morning, we descend to Omorate, a town on the border with northwest Kenya, to visit the Dasenech tribe and its isolated villages. We leave the busiest villages to descend to the northern tip of Lake Turkana and experience a wonderful moment that you will never forget.

Later, we return to Turmi and spend the night at one of the most hospitable tribes of the Hammer people in their communal village, with excellent interaction time. 

Day 6 :

In the morning, after breakfast, we will drive to the village of Korcho of the Karo tribe, located near an exceptional panoramic view of the Omo rivers.

After travelling 60 km from Turmi, we will visit these amazing tribes which are considered the least numerous in terms of population size among the Omo Valley tribes. Return to Turmi, overnight at Mango Lodge. 

Day 7 :

Depart for Demeka and visit one of the colourful tribal markets of the Omo Valley, where the Hamer and Banna tribes meet after visiting the market.

Day 8 :

Unique day trekking through the village of Bana ;

Overnight at Afer Spring Hotel. 

Day 9 :

Return to Addis Ababa through the rift valley region.

Highlight of the tour 

You will discover the authentic and uninterrupted daily life of an intact tribal community.

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Good to know

While visiting villages in the Omo Valley, we are careful only to stop at villages that we know will welcome visitors, and negotiate with tribal elders to ensure that our visit will be received sensitively. At each village we employ a local guide, providing employment and income for isolated communities which often do not have many opportunities to earn money. My teams local guides will carefully explain the customs and cultures of the various groups visited to ensure that our travellers are able to behave sensitively towards fragile communities, and help them gain from tourism while not being affected by some of its more negative aspects. By visiting these communities, many of whom live outside the cash based economy, you are able to contribute to their ability to trade with mainstream society and gain some of the associated benefits. These communities are often looked upon as backward, and as something to be assimilated into society. It is hoped that by increasing interest from tourism less enlightened local administrators will realise the intrinsic value of their cultural diversity.

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Addis Ababa airport Arbaminch airport Jinka airport

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