A country in East Africa, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania welcomes you to its earthly paradise!

Tanzania is one of the best tourist destinations in Africa and has several attractions, including Africa's highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, and many other tourist attractions that will make your trip unique.

With its rich and varied fauna, this country is home to one of Africa's most famous national parks: the Serengeti, where every year there is a spectacular large-scale transhumance migration.  

 Tanzania is famous for the beautiful silvery beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago, which includes some of the most beautiful islands in the world. In this Archipelago is the largest trading place in Easthern Africa located in the Arab city of Stone Town which benefits from an impressive architectural heritage.  

Tanzania is also the Maasai people, an ethnic group well known in East Africa who are distinguished by their dress. They are settled mostly in northern Tanzania in the city of Arusha, a traditionalist and very hospitable people.

Tours & Things to do in Tanzania

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