Hotel Oceanic

The Oceanic Hotel is a bit more than a hotel residence. It is a historic emblem of the city of Dakar. A little over a century, since 1906, the hotel has never ceased to exist. \not The Colonial Building, Hotel Oceanic has always refused to obsolete conformism. On the contrary, the Oceanic is renovated and modernizes over generations and every moment. Because every moment of the life of the hotel is a cross, an alliance, otherwise a harmonious symbiosis, between authenticity and modernity. \not A few steps from the antique Kermel market (ranked UNESCO World Heritage), the Oceanic is at the crossroads of all paths leading to the Nervical Centers of Dakar. It offers from its exterior facade and universe inside a unique and intense feel that releases the efflves of a past always present, always pleasant to live. \not Today's oceanic is in short, a certain idea of ​​the hotel industry. Where the customer is both king and both at home. A stamp, any family, which gives the customer this privilege of being at home near a restoration service continues, without losing the appearance and the mark and the requirement of any hotel service worthy of bringing his name. \not \ NThe last renovation of the hotel goes back to the year 2014. A renovation that has touched the hotel as a whole: bedding - air conditioning - taps and bathrooms - high speed wifi at the level of the hotel including the hotel including the hotel bedrooms. \not \ Nl'Oceanic is 24 rooms overlooking a green and shaded patio that also serves as a restaurant-bar restaurant. \not \ nt your meetings and seminars, a meeting room / conference, with a capacity of 25 people is at your disposal.

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