Campement Villageois d’Elinkine

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Located in Lower Casamance, about 60 km west of Ziguinchor, Elinkine is a large fishing and farming village. It is characterized by the many communities that live there. Muslims or Catholics, Senegalese or Ghanaians, Diolas, Fulani or Mandinka, the Élinkinese do not reject their animist roots. Le Campement Villageois is located on a beautiful sandy beach with coconut trees, in a quiet area, 300 meters from the center of the village. On a sandy beach, lined with coconut trees, the village camp of Elinkine can now accommodate customers in six rooms with bathrooms of undeniable comfort. The catering and the bar are provided in a large hut located on the edge of the bolong. A very dedicated local team strives to make our guests' stay as pleasant as possible.

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