Sefrou and bhalil day trip from fez

10 Hours | Fes, Morocco
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Travel in a small group exploring antiquity at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains South East of Fez. Visit the prehistoric village of Bhalil exploring some old troglodytes that sheltered humans and animals for thousands of years. Still, today serve the purpose as dwellings to many families native to this prehistoric village.

Sefrou predates Fez by a thousand years, as an old saying often used among the natives of Sefrou "from the city of Sefrou to the Village of Fez". Sefrou served in antiquity as a caravan outpost. Where goods were traded with Mediterranean Merchants from the Phoenician time. Trans-Saharan Camel Caravans could only go as far as Sefrou to unload their Burden. Mules of Sefrou Merchants takes care of the rest of the trip as they were made to cross mountains to the Ports on the Mediterranean shore such as Melilla and Nakor.

Sefrou reach its hay days when Jews settled in Morocco 1200 BC. They were great traders. Most of the Berber tribes around converted to Judaism like Ait Youssi, Ait Ishaq and Ait Yacob. Sefrou continued to play a great role in Caravan trade till the turn of the 20th century with the arrival of the French who completely changed the map of Moroccan trade, created Casablanca, So Fez and Sefrou became history.

This Tour is great for those who like ancient history, primitive mountain life, breathtaking landscapes and most importantly Jewish Heritage in Morocco from antiquity to our modern time. This a historical, mild hiking journey and Heritage day trip. This is a budget hand-picked tour, affordable for all kind of curious travelers. Enjoy these tour activities around Fez in most authentic and environmental settings. We are a responsible, nature-friendly tour operator in Fez and around.

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