North morocco adventure tour

9 Days | Fes, Morocco
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North of Morocco is till our days less traveled and less explored despite its unsurpassed natural and cultural beauty.  The captivating intellectual depth and social diversity are just one of many unsurpassed qualities of this Morocco hiking and trekking vibrant cities and villages you are about to encounter in this adventure experience hand-picked for 2019 small groups and private expeditions.

This is a nine days in-depth cultural and active small group tour to discover the history, the rich architecture, exotic culture and cuisine of this breathtaking North African country. We will take you on this hiking adventure expedition in a small group touring most interesting an vibrant cities like Rabat, Chefchaouen, Tangier, Meknes, Volubilis, Fez, followed by trekking the Atlas Mountains which lead you to the best man-made oasis, namely Marrakech.  All of these unique natural and historic highlights in Morocco are classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.  You will also explore unsurpassed sightseeing and discover the back roads to daily rural markets far away from tourist attractions. Our best assets are our well trained, scholarly educated guides and tour leaders who will make your tour a memorable Morocco experience.  Our staff work with pride and integrity to show you the best of their Moroccan culture and heritage to give you the best Morocco tour you are looking for whether you travel with a small group or in a private expedition. Join in the spirit of exploring a hiking area not know to other adventure travelers. We guarantee you a small group budget tour with extraordinary encounters with villagers and mountain dwellers. Our small group adventure tours are hand-picked and never exceed 12 hikers to make it a unique and intimate experience.

You will trek Morocco natural landscapes visit small Berber villages and shop in traditional markets very much like a Moroccan. Buy your gifts, souvenirs, and local goods straight from artisans at their workshops and guilds.  Learn the art of bargaining, we will teach you the best skills to shop freely in Morocco souks. It is the best way to save money, get good deals and sustain local communities.  Shopping in Morocco can be a delight as you will encounter goods of all trades to take back home, but you need help to be more educated on quality and costs.  we are here to assist you with our best ability to advise on best artisans and places where you can have good deals and authentic goods, no tourist traps with us.  That is how we perceive responsible and sustainable tours to Morocco otherwise we are all enriching the fat cats.

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Minimun of 4 participants is required
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Moderate: Partial refund if cancellation is within 5 days of booking

Good to know

  • On this Morocco last day of the trip, we offer you a ride to Tangier on the legendary Marrakech Express train.

  • In Memory of Crosby, Stills, Nash, you can use this ride overnight to Tangier. The train has four-berth couchette compartments with upper and lower bunks on each side, so you may be sharing a confined space with people outside of your travel group. Overnight trains are a great way to meet the locals, as well as ensuring you get maximum time in various destinations.

  • There are some steep steps up to walk to the old city of Ouazzane and Chefchaouen on Day 2, but your guide will take the easiest alleys to visit these two cities completely nestled on hilltops of the Atlas Mountains. If you need assistance to walk up we can hire a mule for you so you will not miss this experience in your tour.

  • Best cost and best services guaranteed compare with all other tour planners in Morocco. All hand-picked, top notch guides to give the best Morocco hiking experience.

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We will meet you upon your arrival at Casablanca Airport or your hotel where you are staying.

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Morocco Tours & Discoveries, Inc.

Morocco Tours & Discoveries, Inc.

If travel is a return to the essential then Morocco Discoveries Network is founded on these principals of green and sustainable tourism. For us taking an adventure tour to Morocco with us is not just getting away from the hectic life. It is, in fact, a self-growth, a change of views on the world we share, an encounter with cultures that give us new perspectives and broaden our horizons. Adventure Travel, in general, can teach us a lot about ourselves and how we live our lives. How beautiful our planet is, how diverse we are, in the meantime with so much in common and a lot to share.

All of our 2019 hand-picked adventure treks and cultural tours are what Morocco Discoveries Network strives to provide in a frame of natural eco-tours and green travel to travelers from around the globe. Our 2019 adventure Morocco tours cover unique and rarely explored paths in the Atlas Mountains peaks and valleys, and the Sahara Desert ocean of dunes and lush oases. You will enjoy exploring breathtaking landscapes and vistas with best native Moroccan guides in a small group of enthusiast trekking travelers like yourself.

2019 offers you an array of walking, hiking, and active adventure tours to Morocco at ease and at every level to suit the interest and budget of all sorts of travelers seeking to discover the best trips to Morocco. A destination which is a gift from nature with a rainbow of raucous colors and enlightening ancient cultures. Explore with best guides totally escorted Morocco small group tours. Discover the history of Morocco imperial cities like Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, ancient with mythical aura and lively with their exciting vibrant daily life, each has an enticing Medina or kasbahs and souks replete with a spectrum of colors and aromas to spice your life at any given time of the year. These select active tours to Morocco, hiking, trekking or simply walking will be so rewarding to treasure for a lifetime. We will certainly keep it a discovery for you. Join us in any of year-round Morocco tours in the spirit to discover an exotic, enticing and welcoming destination. You will certainly recommend our Morocco trips to your friends and family. Also, all of our 2019/2020 Morocco tours are subject to be tailored to satisfy your travel time frame and budget.

$1,175.00 / pp
Up to 18 peoples
Durée : 9 Days