Musée ougandais

Plot 5, Kira Road Kololo Kampala Ouganda Kampala , Uganda
Mores than pictures

 Located in the capital of Uganda, in Kampala, the Ugandan Museum is one of the pillars of the country's cultural heritage.

In this museum you will find many exhibits such as traditional clothing and ornaments, soga and Hutu shields, typical bark fabrics, Acholi (lakorac) and karamojong (ekicilong) headrests, elephant leather Karamoja sandals, vegetable fibre baskets (raffia, reed, papyrus....), an old Ford T and traditional musical instruments (rattle, xylophone, teso flute in hippopotamus defense, zither...), weapons or hunting equipment.

At the back of the museum, you will find a reconstructed cultural village with traditional huts that perfectly describe the different architectural and traditional lifestyles of Uganda.

You can also read information about archaeological sites dating back to the Stone Age there is also a lot of other information about Uganda. This old museum dating from 1908 should be the starting point for your visit to Uganda.

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