Villa Quieta

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  • Villa Quieta guest palace _ Former family palace, surrounded by a large garden and flowers on the waterfront, where the water is clearest. Located 10 minutes walk from downtown and far from its noise and its agitation, the palace is an outstanding example of traditional architecture equipped with sophisticated comfort. It is a bright and sunny places of Essaouira completely devoid of moisture. \nThe decor makes it a veritable museum of ancient arts of Morocco, you will marvel at the beauty and rarity of old exhibits. \nFourteen large bedrooms, 2 spacious and elegant suites, all beautifully furnished cedar wood. The refinement of the roof is to have breakfast (very rich) in the large Moroccan living room of 400 m2 where the walls and ceiling are beautifully carved. \nThe terraces offer panoramic views of the bay and the islands of Essaouira, at tea time, the greedy are expected to offer smoked teas and tasty pastries (upsetting sunset sun). \nExcellent service and warm hospitality of the owners and Imane Mourad who have no worries that your tranquility. \nA magnificent swimming pool, free access to the internet (WIFI). \nEverything is designed to make a place of exception. \nParking insured and keeps free 24/24. \n

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