La Cocoteraie d’Akoula

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La Cocoteraie d'Akoula is a private venue for events in Assinie, offered by La Maison d'Akoula. This exclusive space offers the ideal setting for memorable events in a tropical environment. Located in Assinie, this privileged location allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the region while benefiting from quality service. La Cocoteraie d'Akoula is surrounded by lush vegetation and coconut palms, creating a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. This private space can accommodate a variety of events, including weddings, birthdays, business meetings and seminars. Whether you're planning an intimate event or a grand celebration, this venue offers facilities to suit your needs. There's a large function room for up to 200 people, as well as outdoor space for cocktails and outdoor activities. La Cocoteraie d'Akoula also provides a professional team to organize and coordinate your event, ensuring a stress-free experience. In addition to its exceptional setting, Cocoteraie d'Akoula also offers additional services such as catering, decoration and accommodation for your guests. So you can enjoy your event to the full without having to worry about logistical details. Whether you're looking for a venue to celebrate a special event or to organize a business meeting, La Cocoteraie d'Akoula is the ideal place. Its enchanting setting, modern facilities and quality service make it a destination of choice for all travelers in search of a unique and memorable venue.

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