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Located in West Africa on an area of 11,300km², Gambia is the smallest country in Africa. On the border with Senegal, It is known for its highly diversified ecosystem surrounding the Central Gambia River.

Its paradisiacal beaches, wild and deserted worthy of postcards, are very popular with tourists who, in addition to sunbathing, do not hesitate to participate in the various activities they offer. 

The Gambia also has a very varied and abundant fauna that you can observe in Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetlands Reserve where you will find monkeys, leopards, hippos, hyenas and rare birds.

A canoe trip on the Gambia River will take you to discover the beauty of Makasutu Culture Forest National Park, near Brikama, and you will also have the opportunity to visit very dense bolongs  where a unique mangrove grows.

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