Parc national du delta du Saloum

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Covering an area of ​​76,000 hectares, including 59,000 of classified forests, it is the second largest park in Senegal. Thirty-six species of mammals are found there: warthogs, bushbuck, Grimm's bushbuck, reedbuck (rare), spotted hyenas, red colobus monkeys, green monkeys and patas. There are also many breeding birds: lesser flamingo, gray pelican (4,000), goliath heron, slender-billed gull, grey-headed gull, royal and Caspian terns, dimorphic egret, black-tailed godwit, avocet, many Palearctic shorebirds (70 000)… The marine fauna is very abundant (114 species of fish). Also manatees, common and river dolphins, three species of sea turtles.

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