Le Parc National Des Îles Ehotilé

région du Sud-Comoé Assinie , Ivory Coast 00225 08 00 46 57
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The Ehotile Islands National Park is a set of six islands (Assoco-monobaha, Niamouan, Balouate, Mea, Elouame and Bosson-Assoum) located in the South-Comoé region on the Aby lagoon between the towns of Adiake and Assinie in Ivory Coast. It was erected as a national park on April 25, 1974, and covers an area of ​​550 hectares. It is home to dense mangrove vegetation, a diverse fauna with several species of migratory birds, rodents, bats, manatees and aquatic species. You will find on the site is the cemetery of kings of cantons dating from the 17th century, places of rituals and even cannons dating from the colonial era, which will make your visit to the Ehotile Islands unforgettable.

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