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Enigma Escape Game offers 2 themed rooms: "The Warren Files" and "Hannibal Lecter's Lair". In the first, you're a team of paranormal investigators hired to investigate a frightening encounter in a family home. In the second, you must foil the macabre plans of the terrifying serial killer to prevent him from achieving his ends. Enigma Escape Game offers you a unique immersive experience in two captivating themed rooms. In "The Warren Files", you take on the role of a team of paranormal investigators tasked with solving a frightening encounter in a family home. Put your skills to the test and solve the riddles to uncover the truth behind this terrifying experience. In "Hannibal Lecter's Lair", you come face to face with the notorious serial killer. Your mission is to thwart his macabre plans and prevent him from achieving his goals. Immerse yourself in the dark world of Hannibal Lecter and use your wits to solve the puzzles and escape his deadly grip. Whether you're a puzzle fan, a horror fan or simply looking for a unique experience, Enigma Escape Game will provide you with a thrilling adventure. Book now and prepare yourself for an intense and memorable experience.

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