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Une journée a l'Ile de Gorée

3.5 km from Dakar, the capital, the island of Gorée still jealously guards the remains of the symbols of the existence of the history of a sad past in these places (the Black Trade from the 15th to the 18th century).

From the Dakar Maritime Station, you will board a "boat", a boat that will take you to Gorée in 15 to 20 minutes.

On site you can visit the famous "Slave House" which serves as a Memory Museum where you will have a clear and detailed commentary on the causes and consequences of this human tragedy. Then take a short walk in this charming city with its shimmering colonial houses where you will have the opportunity to visit, among other things, a gallery of "Sand Paintings" and to visit the typical shops...

After an interesting visit rich in lessons and emotions, you can have lunch in one of its many restaurants facing the sea before returning to the boat in the early afternoon. It will also be a great opportunity to visit the important squares and historical monuments of the capital Dakar to discover the paradoxes of a great African metropolis with the rest of the country.


Gorée, patrimoine de l'humanité.

Departure from the hotel early in the morning for a city tour of Dakar, to see its main sites: the presidential palace with his red guards, the cathedral of the African Memory with its Byzantine architecture and the other colonial buildings. Visit of the market Kermel and passage in front of the big mosque of Dakar, with its impressive minarets, which groups thousands of Muslim believers on every Friday. We’ll have lunch in Dakar o Gorée. Then direction the harbour for a crossing of 20 minutes in ferry towards the Gorée Island which is situated in 3, 5 km off Dakar. Classified world patrimony of the humanity by the UNESCO, Gorée became from the XVIIth century one of the main bastions of the slave trade and was alternately a Portuguese, Dutch, English and French property. With a past at the same time tragic and luxurious, the faded colours island releases a mesmerizing charm. Visit of the slaves’house and stroll in alleys papered with sand or paved by irregular blocks of basalt under baobabs, bougainvillea and old balconies. Via the Saint Charles Borromeo church built in 1830, we shall make a pedestrian stroll on the cliff of the island called the Castel, where you can see the monument Gorée Almadies, and visit also a gallery of Sand paintings. Return to the hotel at about 5pm.


A unique place, this small island of Senegal has a crazy charm with its pastel houses, its restaurants, but this refuge of relaxation with its "House of slaves" reminds us of Gorée's role in the past and the sufferings of the black slave trade. Today Gorée has become a major tourist attraction in Senegal due to its role during the slave trade.

If Gorée is represented as a symbolic place in the history of slavery, it is rather because it still remains one of the places where one can still find remains of this tragic period. A guided tour of this slave house takes you directly into the deplorable history of the slave trade. Discovering this majestic island is as moving as it is instructive.

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Le lieu chargé d'histoire et haut en couleur. Nous ne sommes pas déçu.
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