Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Benin is a country in West Africa that has great tourist, cultural and religious assets.

Country of birth of voodoo, Benin is one of the rare country to have preserved its religious customs, for used as a tourist pillar and a factor of sharing and discovery.

This country is also the meeting place of many traders from the sub-region who come to refuel in the huge market of Dantokpa installed in its capital Cotonou city port located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Former kingdom of Dahomey, Benin has taken an active part in the history of Africa, the city of Ouidah, UNESCO's historical heritage houses the remains of this historical heritage, it is also known for its famous temple to pythons.

In northern Benin, you will find the iconic Pendjari National Park, which offers exceptional safaris with elephants, hippos and lions.

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